The Database that Belongs to Klal Yisroel

Why is Shidduch Profiles+ (formerly known as Partners in Shidduchim) THE site that frum singles everywhere trust with their shidduch profiles?

We all know that making Shidduchim is more than a single-person endeavor. It shouldn’t just be about waiting for the shadchan to call or send over a profile.

As the only global shidduch online database that confidentially serves frum singles, we have innovated a ground-breaking system that takes into account all the special considerations that are important to our singles, and those working on their behalf, who are proactively searching for suitable shidduch opportunities.  

Why and how did we get here, online?

Making shidduchim in Klal Yisroel is one of the most revered acts of chesed that we do with each other. While it has never been simple, the challenges continue to grow. We had personally outgrown that overstuffed, disorganized “shidduch notebook” that many of us carry around to hold the profiles of our single friends. We knew we could do better. That we had to do better.

There are literally thousands more single men and women who will get matched and married if their search can be digitally facilitated, in a way that Rabbanim have endorsed as upright and appropriate for our generation. See here what Rabbanim are saying. Whatever the various reasons for the challenge we are enduring with making shidduchim, one of the best answers is to involve more people in the search. If people don’t know which singles are searching, how can they match them?

I Know. I (Baila) was thirty-five when I became engaged. A story for another time.

Same mission, new name . . .

When we began this initiative four years ago as Partners in Shidduchim, we built a system that would expand, perhaps even revolutionize, how Klal Yisroel partners in searching for and finding shidduch suggestions. And now with thousands of profiles, B’chasdei Hashem, it is time to aptly rename our growing database: ShidduchProfiles+

And while there are many other worthy shidduch projects and programs that exist in our community, we devoted our effort to taking care of our singles in a way that we didn’t yet see being addressed. Ours would need to satisfy the real and worthy sensitivities of our singles and their families and friends who’d be using our online database.

A few examples of what we felt we had to make available for you, our singles, and for those who care about you:

You choose your level of comfort with posting your details. Don’t want to include a picture or last name? No problem. No one should have to compromise their values in the process of searching for their shidduch.

You understand the significance of having the chance to share a comprehensive personal statement, which in turn attracts suggestions that are better suited to you. We’ve provided guidance to assist you in this crucial step, knowing it greatly impacts the suggestions you receive, making them more logically aligned with your preferences.

You have the benefit of having a PAL of your choosing. Your Personal Advocate Liaison serves on your behalf as the “gate-keeper” to vet and facilitate suggestions. This, together with the involvement of your family and friends, is designed to make a huge difference for you.

Why the PLUS in our name?

…Because our singles’ families and friends, once registered here, are given access to this ever-growing database with ALL these profiles so that they can participate in the process of making matches for our singles.  Profiles now belong to an entire team, in addition to shadchanim. Expanding the single’s network is key to the proactive search for shidduchim.

… ShidduchProfiles+ offers registered members of this site- singles, family, and friends- full access to a virtual library of support from Rabbanim, dating coaches, and other dedicated community partners. All media and episodes of our podcast Think Smart, Act Smart are yours, too.

With thousands of profiles already posted, we have set our next goal at 5,000 profiles.

Looking forward to having YOURS today so that we can post it for you TOMORROW. 

Dedicated to . . . Making Shidduchim, TOGETHER-

Dovid and Baila Yaniv

Monsey, New York