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As a single looking for a shidduch, you know that the challenges of finding a suitable match are many. One of the more frequent hurdles is the lack of a robust network of shadchanim who know you and are looking out for you – dedicating their time and focus to search, vet and suggest possibilities for you.

With much Siyata D’Shmaya and Rabbinic guidance, we have developed a system that “levels the playing field” for you and allows ANYONE – family member, friend or concerned other to serve as a “go-between” liaison for you to pursue a particular profile of your choice. This addition immediately expands your options considerably!

It’s quite simple. Every single on the site chooses a PAL (Personal Advocate Liaison) whom you feel knows you well and can best represent you. Interested singles will reach out to them to arrange a meeting, not directly to you. This is the classic format of shidduchim with the added enhancement of a broad database of choices.

CLICK HERE to listen to an audio explanation of PAL (Personal Advocate Liaison)

As we sit here a few days before our daughter, Chana’s wedding to Eliezer Miller, I feel obliged to express our Hakaras Hatov to Baila Yaniv and Partners in Shidduchim. Chana heard about your amazing website and was was able to access the profiles of potential  shidduchim. We could see the Hashgacha Pratis, the Hand of Hashem guiding us to her chosson, because we knew his family. It was  very comfortable to pick our own shadchan to facilitate the shidduch. We wish Mrs. Yaniv and Shidduch Profiles+ continued  success in their endeavors to facilitate many shidduchim.

Shmuel Foxman

Smart Search

Sorting through thousands of names is not the most efficient way of finding a possible match. With our convenient search tools, we’ve made the job quicker and easier for you. Looking for a young man who is taller than 6’? How about someone who davens in a particular shul? Who went to a particular Seminary or Yeshiva?

Narrow down your choices by specific key words and categorize profiles by details that matter to you. If you have a shadchan that you’re working with, you can easily find others in their network and immediately benefit from a common connection. Got a suggestion to add some more details? We’d love to make this system even more effective. Reach out and let us know!

As a shadchan for more than 20 years, I work with hundreds of people each week around the world. When I can’t find an appropriate match for someone in my own files, I love to use the Shidduch Profiles+ database, which provides shadchanim like myself with an expansive network, and enables me to help introduce more people to each other.

Mrs. C. Weiss – Jerusalem, Israel

Private & Secure

Rest easy. You can enjoy the benefits of being part of a global network dedicated to shidduchim without experiencing any discomfort. Not interested in publicly listing your last name? No problem. There’s no need to list it. Uncomfortable in showing a photo of yourself – for whatever reason? Not an issue. We respect that and do not require any photo as part of your profile.

Our goal is to ensure the privacy, anonymity and dignity of each member of our network. We constantly remind ourselves that behind every profile is a real human being and an opportunity to show them respect and be considerate of their personal comfort zone.

I’ve been using you guys for years and love using Shidduch Profiles+. It’s been so refreshing to be able to access a website where you can see the other singles’ profiles and still use a go between. It’s such a good feeling to see the resources you guys have available whether it’s a webinar or shadchanim who access the site and reach out, it made the process a lot less stressful and you could really feel the dedication and empathy which made all the difference!

Emma Landau and Evie Shabtai

Community Support

As with most life experiences, when we face challenges alone, they seem insurmountable at times. Having that caring someone there to share your struggle and to talk things through, is a key to success. Our PAL system is truly the best way to go forward, with someone dedicated exclusively to you and your needs. Beyond that, we have gathered professionals (and volunteers) who can assist in many areas – from coaching to writing, workshops to articles. All to give you the dignity you deserve and the community you cherish to be a part .

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