Community Associates

You are doing such incredible work!!

Mr. Michael Rothschild

Founder Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation

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I heartily endorse Partners in Shidduchim to all who seek their zivuggim. It’s a site that stands above the rest as user-friendly and reliable way to do one’s hishtadlus in one’s shidduch search. The idea of a P.A.L. (Personal Advocate and Liaison) is Brilliant! Nowadays, shadchanim many times are too overloaded to look for matches. This approach takes away the frustration many people have in getting a shidduch idea. With a P.A.L’s involvement, a shidduch can get off the ground so much quicker and easier. Of course, we depend on Hashem to make matches, but this site can certainly bring down the mazal as we all work together to get to the goal: The chuppah!

Elana Bergovoy

Co-Founder & President of the International Shidduch Group