We are the ONLY Innovative Global Shomer Shabbos Shidduch Network that allows you and anyone working on your behalf proactive access to make shidduchim for the marriage- minded single.

Singles and their Family, Friends, and Shadchanim all have the same advantage of the PINS (Partners In Shidduchim) way— custom designed tools to effectively navigate shidduchim.


Unlike the conventional approach where singles wait for their phone to ring with a suggestion, PINS (Partners in Shidduchim) allows “you” (the single) to be in control of making your own shidduch or have someone assist you. It’s your choice you can do it your way.

It begins with you or your PAL (Personal Advocate Liaison/Shadchan) registering online and joining our program by filling out a single’s profile. Both steps are required. We recommend that everyone have a PAL, but it’s up to you. It can be you, a family member, friend or shadchan who can best represent you and will promote an encouraging environment to benefit both you and potential matches.

Your PAL connects with your prospective matches or their PAL on your behalf. Unlike the regular system that limits your shidduch “resume” to one page of information, PINS encourages you to articulate to others a true representation of who you are and what you are sincerely looking for in a partner.

We understand the frustration singles experience with ill-suited shidduch suggestions that waste everyone’s time and energy. Conveying relevant detailed yet balanced information is such a powerful tool. That is why applying your thoughtful attention and consideration to your Personal Statement is paramount to obtaining better shidduch suggestions.


Only profiles that have all the “required” information and are appropriately executed regarding their “Description and Looking For” (Personal Statement) will be published. We want you to have the right opportunity and for others on the site to appreciate who you are and make you valid matches. Follow the next steps in order:

1. CLICK HERE to watch the site demo(s) then come back to this page for step 2.
2. CLICK HERE to view Required Guidelines and Tips to Create a Personal Profile keeping in mind that each field has its own purpose. Then come back to this page for step 3.
3. CLICK HERE to see what a publishable profile looks like. Then come back to this page.

CLICK HERE to pay your $50 annual fee.
Please note that submitted profiles will not be prepared for publishing until payment is made.


Are you ready? Let’s get started!