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One of the more frequent hurdles a single experiences in their search is the lack of a robust network of shadchanim who they know and are looking out for them – dedicating their time and focus to search, vet and suggest possibilities for the single.

That is perhaps the one area where we can impact the process in a significant way.

Imagine a global network of profiles, listing available single men or women with their detailed descriptions. Imagine an easy search tool that will zero in on specifics that matter to them. Imagine a platform that hides as much as it shares, preserving network members’ dignity and anonymity. No last names required. No photos required.

With much Siyata D’Shmaya and Rabbinic guidance, Shidduch Profiles+, a project of Partners in Shidduchim, has developed such a system that “levels the playing field” for every seeking single and allows ANYONE – family member, friend or concerned other to serve as a “go-between” liaison for them to pursue a particular profile of their choice. This addition immediately expands their options considerably!

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