Required Reading

Tips for profiles on PINS

In general, when creating your profile there are a few things to keep in mind.

Are you joining just to be able to search the website on your own? Are you joining to network with others? If that is your goal then it is more
productive to look at “your” profile through the eyes of that special person or liaison (PAL) you would like to connect with.

Occupation: At times singles look for compatibility according to the type of career you chose. This commonality that they require lies in one’s similar backgrounds or occupation whether it is in the fields of math, science of education. If you describe your profession well, where you work, and why you enjoy your job, that is allows a glimpse into who you are.

Personal Descriptions: Everyone should feel comfortable with how much information they wish to share and that is fine, you are in control here. If you are joining so you can personally look through the profiles and just want to get a feel of the website and how it works, that is understandable, you are testing the waters however we do have certain requirement that you must follow. Everyone should have the same opportunity here to read each other’s profiles and that is the point of making shidduchim. You, your PAL or a shadchan in the group, can help you find a match; or possibly someone recommend you to a friend or family member. It’s important to organize your profile in a manner that
allows others to check you out in the same way that you would check someone else out. We emphasize this point because this is where you get to shine and project your passion your love of life and Torah, your personal statement and what you are truly looking for in a life partner. If you need help writing your profile you can ask someone to help you or ask one of our fee-based writers at Partners in Shidduchim to help you. Keep in mind this is but a small investment in your future. If you need general dating help, we can put you in contact with a Dating

Photos: If you choose to post your photo make sure it is a sharp clear photo and it is a true depiction of who you really are. If it is out of focus or you look uncomfortable or ill at ease it will not depict your true nature or character. Photos with sunglasses will be rejected. Only face shots are acceptable and must follow Orthodox Modesty guidelines. Generally, a natural photo or your everyday look is the best photo.

We do not require that you post a photo that is your choice. We fully understand that not everyone is comfortable posting his or her photo and that is absolutely understandable. However, think about how you feel when you look through the other profiles. If you skip those that don’t have a photo understand that there are many people just like you who do the same.

Editing: We are all volunteers here and work closely together to keep improving our platform. At this point you can’t edit your profile however if you want or need to make a change please email your changes to our office and we will do it for you. We apologize for the inconvenience. Of course, if anyone wishes to volunteer his or her computer genius to help us make our platform as user friendly as possible please contact our office.

And of course, please notify us when you get engaged so we can happily update your profile and mark you “unavailable”. Our greatest wish is to find Shidduchim for every single that joins our group. We would like to help in any way we can with the availability that our volunteers have. This is the reason we are offering these guidelines and general tips to help the process.

References: Please be prepared to offer references. This is not a job application where you can write “references upon request”. Please understand that in most cases no one will ask, they will just go on to the next profile.

General: In general, the questions on the profile page are there for a reason. People search for things that are important to them whether it is age, height, location, etc. When information is missing from a profile some will make the effort to call or contact your PAL but most will probably just go on to the next. People are who they are and they might find it strange when someone doesn’t put down their mother or father’s name, etc. It is customary that young men don’t date young women who have the same name as their own mother.

It is also very important to have an email address so these profiles can be forwarded to you or your PAL if someone thinks of a shidduch for you. That is the only way the website is set up to forward a profile. Therefore, we have made many of the fields required.

It would really be appreciated if you respond when someone sends you a recommendation for two reasons. One is that we would like to know that the program is working and two we truly appreciate any and all attempts to help our singles out. So, when you respond with appreciation and why the shidduch is not right, or a thank you but you are not looking for assistance at this time, “you” give that shadchan the chizuk to keep trying for someone else. Just as singles burn out so do shadchanim.