A Better Understanding of Other People

Here is a link to 16 different personality types to help you understand people. We encourage you to read it through and try to identity your personality type and try to incorporate it into your personality description/statement. If you are a member on our site you email us an updated
paragraph to replace on your current profile. If you are a thinking about creating a profile this will help you provide critical information for others to better get to know you so that they can match you.

People often fall into the trap of mistakenly believing that most other people share the same views, opinions, attitudes, and traits that they do. Having your own personal preferences highlighted and being able to glimpse at some of the traits that other people possess can be an eye-opener for many. Understanding some of your core personality traits as well as those of the people you are close to is also helpful in relationships. If, for example, you are an extrovert but your spouse is more of an introvert, you will be better able to spot the signs that your
partner is getting exhausted and needs to take a break from socializing. By better knowing each other’s personality traits, you can better respond to the needs of your loved ones and build stronger partnerships.

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