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As a shadchan for more than 20 years, I work with hundreds of people each week around the world. When I can’t find an appropriate match for someone in my own files, I love to use the Partners in Shidduchim database, which provides shadchanim like myself with an expansive network, and enables me to help introduce more people to each other.

Dr. Chevy Weiss - Jerusalem, Israel

“Being part of the singles journey is so very important to me and that is why I’ve joined this incredible network,  Partners In Shidduchim – an important tool to help you network and find matches and to help be part of your journey – together.”  Please join me today as we work together in your journey to  find your Zivug.  Only with Hakadosh Baruch Hu’s help.       

Mrs. Rivka Malka Perlman

Dating Coach

Shani And Meir Davidson's Story

Collaborating with and Partners in Shidduchim for Kosher Troops was amazing.  Helping singles from different walks of life connect while doing a chesed together was also a kiddush Hashem.  I’m certain this has been a zechus for the soldiers we packed for at the Kosher Troops.  I look forward to the next event

Rabbi Ben Zion Klatzko

Being from Australia, I had limited dating options available. I decided to try out After I received a few enquiries from overseas, I thought it would be a good idea to travel to America. After dating and not meeting the right person, I got contacted by someone who saw my profile on Partners in Shidduchim and thought that I would be a good match for a girl that they knew that was on the website. We went out and connected straight away. The dating process was BH very smooth and we are now engaged with a month to go until our wedding. Thank you to all of the people that are involved with running this wonderful platform. We are truly grateful and encourage anyone that is looking to expand their dating opportunities to use this amazing website.

Michi Douek

When my son Meir started dating, I created his profile on Partners in Shidduchim. Never imagining that within weeks, my future daughter in law was on the site looking for a boy for her friend. Shani was looking for a learning boy and never thought he would be right in front of her. Shani recognized Meir’s best friend sister who was her roommate in Israel, the rest is history. B”H they are married and living in Jerusalem. I encourage everyone to create a profile on PINS, one never knows where your zivug will be. Since then Shani & Meir have made 2 shidduchim from Partners in Shidduch. PINS is a fabulous tool for both the singles as well as shadchanim and parents. Don’t waste any time your zivug is waiting on PINS

Mrs. Aviva Davidson

Partners in Shidduchim is amazing! Thank you so much for helping us find each other. Everyone should sign up, there is nothing to lose. We are very very happy!

Rachel and Yaakov Schonzeit

As we sit here a few days before our daughter, Chana’s wedding to Eliezer Miller, I feel obliged to express our Hakaras Hatov to Baila Yaniv and Partners in Shidduchim. Chana heard about your amazing website and was was able to access the profiles of potential shidduchim.  We could see the Hashgacha Pratis, the Hand of Hashem guiding us to her chosson, because we knew his family.  It was very comfortable to pick our own shadchan to facilitate the shidduch. We wish Mrs. Yaniv and Partners in Shidduchim continued success in their endeavors to facilitate many shidduchim.

Shmuel Foxman

I would like to thank you for creating the Partners In Shidduchim website. When I started using the website, every so often, I would spend 5-10 minutes looking through profiles. Last year, I happened to have seen Raizel’s resume but I didn’t think it was conceivable. This year, I was scrolling through the website and saw the resume again. After looking through the resume more thoroughly, it sparked an interest in me and I reached out to a shadchan in Toronto. We dated for a few months and baruch Hashem we got engaged. We highly recommend this website to all of our friends who are dating. It’s a great way to get your name and resume out there more for shadchanim and singles to see. It’s especially helpful for singles living in smaller out of town type communities because it helps people to branch out more.

Shimon Baker

I really like that I can contact another single’s representative myself. Things move so much faster like this

Brindy N.

Partners In Shidduchim is a great resource. Who knows you better than yourself? Go through the profiles and pursue the person you’re interested in. I’ve done it and it’s empowering. Go for it!

Ms. Sara Nasirov

I found my husbands profile on Partners In Shidduchim. We dated a few months. He is the perfect guy for me. I hope you are successful in finding yours soon and definitely try this website. It’s great!

Rochel Abrahamson

I really gave up on shidduchim and shadchanim. But I created a profile on Partners In Shidduchim and didn’t even follow up but my wife luckily found me. Use the Partners In Shidduchim Database. People who are vetted to use the system can find you and contact you and you can do the same. I am married today because of this free database.

Avi Solomon

Your dedication to assisting singles find their zivug is nothing short of remarkable. The heart, skill, and time you and your team invest make a great difference for those seeking a mate. Down to earth, compassionate and courageous characterize your style…and we admire you for that!

Meira Novograd

It is really hard out there. Partners In Shidduchim provides a great service

Mr. Martin Berger, Florida

I never imagined something would come out of this website but I had to try. The immense mitzva you all do is amazing. All is leshem shamayim. I highly recommend this site to anyone out there who wants a site that is runned by honest and well meaning people who truly want to help singles in Am Yisrael.
Thank you again and may Hashem continue to help you help others!
Ruthy Dalin

Partners In Shidduchim is a

501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.


Our mission is to help Shomer

Shabbos singles find their

shidduch. Period.


Endorsed by leading rabbonim.






Partners In Shidduchim is a 501 (c)(3)
non-profit organization.

Our mission is to help Shomer Shabbos
singles find their shidduch. Period.

Endorsed by leading rabbonim.


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