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“One of the differences we can make in this world is to not only to pursue our own shidduchim and that’s the beauty of this amazing organisation/programme Partners in Shidduchim is to contribute to others finding there bahseret, others finding the happiness that we have.”

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Boca Raton

I find this site to be a real personal service, where two individuals can work and fine tune the search that will iy”h produce the desired results; all in a true Torah way. For any questions, feel free to call me at 845.709.5949

Rabbi Chaim Schabes

Rav of Congregation Knesses Yisroel, Spring Valley, NY

Partners In Shidduchim provides more opportunities for everybody to make shidduchim. This networking site is about parents and family members, neighbors and friends who care to connect with each other because they want to help singles find their zivug. Everyone knows someone who knows someone. No more frustration that the phones aren’t ringing. No more despair that people in the community don’t care. Join this initiative and find people, across the globe who want to brainstorm with you and make shidduchim

Rabbi Betzalel Rudinsky

Morah D'Asrah of Kahal Ahavas Yitzchok