Privacy & Security


For privacy and security, we recommend you use your first name and the initial of your last name. The system also assigns a unique ID to each profile which you can use when referring to the single. The single’s ID protects the single’s name when browsing the profiles. The single’s representative can divulge the single’s name after reasonably verifying the interested party. When choosing not to list your last name, notify your Rav, your PAL, and your references on your profile so that when someone contacts them, they are aware of whom they are speaking.

If you prefer not to be contacted by phone initially, list only an email address on the profile. You can provide your telephone number to the interested party after exchanging emails and feel more comfortable. We recommend you create a new email address for this purpose that does not contain any identifying information. For example, choose anon936@gmail.com instead of SaraSchenirer@gmail.com (your real name).

To be granted access to Browse Profiles, a person must register by filling out their contact information. ShidduchProfiles+.org member services verify the registrant. After verification, the requester receives an email with their initial password to log in to the site.

If you wish to report an inappropriate or suspicious user or profile, it is vital to email support@shidduchprofilesplus.org.

Single’s Representatives

If the single does not want to be contacted, do not fill out the PERSONAL CONTACT INFO section. Whether or not the single wishes to be contacted, always fill out the SINGLE’S SHADCHAN / REPRESENTATIVE section, so interested parties can contact the representative if they feel uncomfortable contacting the single directly. For example, the two mothers of a prospective shidduch might prefer speaking to a representative rather than directly to each other. It’s helpful to add an additional representative if the first one is not immediately available.

If you are contacted directly by a single or a parent, and you do not feel comfortable dealing directly with them, please be empathetic and respectful. Gently tell the single or parent that you prefer to speak to a representative. You can recommend a “go-between” for both parties.

If you are willing to volunteer to be listed as a representative for a single who does not have a contact, please email support@shidduchprofilesplus.org