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Welcome to our global shidduch database family, whether you're joining us for the first time or renewing your cherished partnership.

Endorsed by respected Rabbinic figures and empowered by innovative technology, our goal is to guide you seamlessly in your quest for the ideal match. Filter through thousands of profiles to efficiently narrow down the possibilities. Please, if you haven’t yet done so, ensure you submit or update your own profile.

To express our gratitude, we invite you to enjoy the Shidduch ToolKit Audio Podcast Series, featuring insights from the esteemed therapist, Shaya Ostrov.

Just a Reminder: If you’re updating or renewing, entering your name (or the name of the single you represent) exactly as listed on your (or their) current profile is crucial.

You’ll receive a confirmation email once you are vetted and your profile reviewed. Please understand that the $75 membership contribution, crucial to our operations, is non-refundable.

Your continued trust fuels our mission, and we’re deeply thankful. Here’s to embarking on another enriching year together! Should you need any assistance, our doors are always open.

Together, let’s make every moment count!

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