Embracing Affirmations in Dating: A Personal Guide to Heartfelt Connections


Dear Reader,

Imagine being on a date where, amidst the usual chatter, your companion offers a genuine compliment that catches you off guard – in the best way possible. This is the heart of using affirmations in dating. For many, especially in the Jewish dating scene, the practice of sharing affirmations has become a gateway to deeper, more meaningful connections.

Experiencing the Impact of an Affirmation

Picture yourself on a date with someone like Yaakov, Leah, Rena, Dovid, Miriam, or Baruch. You’re sharing a bit about your life, perhaps hesitantly, and then comes a moment that catches you off guard.

“Your passion for what you do is really inspiring,” your date says, looking right into your eyes. How does that make you feel? Noticed? Valued? It’s as if they’ve seen a part of your soul you’ve only quietly acknowledged. This isn’t just flattery; it’s a moment of genuine recognition of who you are.

Affirmations You Can Share

Here are some affirmations you might say on your date:

  1. Acknowledging Their Passion: “It’s really inspiring to see someone so dedicated to what they love. It says a lot about you.”
  2. Appreciating Their Humor: “You have a great sense of humor. It makes spending time with you really enjoyable.”
  3. Respecting Their Values: “Your dedication to volunteering is truly inspiring. It speaks volumes about your character.”
  4. Recognizing Their Intellect: “I’m impressed by your insights. Discussing this with you is really stimulating.”


Your Role in This Dance of Affirmation

As you use these affirmations, pay attention to how they shift the energy between you. Each compliment you give opens a door to a new level of connection. It’s about creating a space where both of you feel seen and appreciated.

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