At Partners in Shidduchim (PINS), we encourage you to choose a PAL (Personal Advocate Liasion) such as a family member, friend, or shadchan to represent you best and help promote an encouraging environment to benefit both you and potential matches. Your PAL communicates with your matches on your behalf. When you fill out your PAL section, your PAL is your go-to person for your matches.

A PAL automatically becomes that special someone in the middle to check possible matches sent to them, and then forward matches appropriate to you. As soon as your profile is published, it is your responsibility to forward your Profile to your PAL, so they know that they are representing you and that they might receive suggestions for you.

A PAL can also create the single’s profile and be the key person who has access to the network/database and search for matches.

CLICK HERE to listen to an audio explanation of PAL (Personal Advocate Liaison)