A Serendipitous Connection: My Journey to Finding My Bashert

Hi, I’m Rivka, and I’d like to share a story that’s quite personal to me. It’s about an unexpected encounter that led me to find my bashert, and it happened in a way that’s a little unconventional for our frum community.

The Meeting at a Chesed Event

Yosef and I met at a chesed event. We were both there with the sole intention of doing good, volunteering for a cause we cared about. But as we worked side by side, a conversation sparked between us, flowing effortlessly and touching on topics that were close to our hearts.

The Unexpected Question

Then, amidst this backdrop of shared values and meaningful work, Yosef turned to me with a surprising question. He asked if I’d be open to going out with him. This direct approach was quite rare in our community, where typically, such matters are handled through a shadchan.

My Whirlwind of Thoughts

In that moment, my mind was flooded with a mix of emotions. Surprise was the first, quickly followed by a flutter of excitement. But then came the uncertainty. How would this be perceived in our community? Was it right to step outside the established norms of matchmaking? Despite these questions, there was an undeniable sincerity in Yosef’s eyes and a sense of genuine connection that made me want to explore this further.

Crafting My Response

I took a moment to gather my thoughts and then spoke from the heart. “Yosef, your question surprises me, but in a good way. I feel a connection too. However, I think it’s important for us to approach this respecting our community’s ways. Let’s involve a shadchan and see where this path leads, keeping our traditions and values in mind.”

Embracing Tradition and the Unexpected

Yosef understood and respected my response. We agreed to continue our journey, but through a more traditional route by involving a shadchan, blending our unique beginning with the customs we both valued.

Our Journey to Marriage

From that first ‘official’ date under the guidance of the shadchan to the moment we stood together under the chuppah, our relationship deepened, enriched by both our initial spontaneous connection and our shared commitment to tradition.

A Message of Hope and Openness

For those in our community who are still searching for their zivug, my story is a testament to the unexpected ways in which Hashem can work. Sometimes, your bashert may come into your life in the most surprising manner. It’s okay to embrace these moments of serendipity, as long as they are navigated with thoughtfulness and a deep respect for our values and traditions.

Here’s to the beauty of unexpected beginnings, to the journeys that challenge us to balance tradition with the surprises of life, and to the joy of finding your zivug in the most unexpected of places!